Opinions on the year 2018


ukravtodor_logoYear after year, this exhibition keeps growing. It reflects the way that the market is developing, the way that the road sector is developing. We need new companies in the Ukrainian market, we need competition, because competition means low prices and better quality. Thus we strive to support such events like this exhibition.

Slawomir Nowak, Head of Ukravtodor


wirtgen_groupThe exhibition, basically the only one in Ukraine, is held in a very good time, since this is the beginning of November when the road constructions season ends in all regions of Ukraine. All the companies operating in the market are gathered here.

Igor Furmanov, WIRTGEN GROUP


roadtecI have been at this exhibition every year since 2005. It's getting better and better and better. It is great this year, meaning the scale, and exhibition area was taken long before the start. And there is also a good conference held here.

Valentin Goncharenko, ROADTEC


center npoThe Ukrainian market outstands with its visitors as it is specialists who come here. And, if they come to the stand, they keep working for 30, 40 minutes, an hour - as long as needed. But all the questions are asked in order to get the product that will be beneficial to all.

Sergey Lyubimov, NPO Center (Belarus)


hofmannThe exhibition in Kyiv is very important for me, because the market is developing very fast.

Sergey Sakhnov, HOFMANN



Opinions on the year 2017

Slawomir Novak, Chairman of Ukravtodor
"This is a very important trade fair, 30-40% bigger than last year. This means there is a confidence in the industry, in the organizer, which is Ukravtodor, there is a confidence in the state. There is a confidence in us. I am very grateful to the construction companies. We need cooperation and we will cooperate with them for the sake of good effect on the roads"


Brendan Halleman, Vice President of IRF
"I wanted to extend my sincere thanks on behalf of the IRF for hosting our safety workshops at AVTODOREXPO. The feedback we have received confirmed this was a timely topic and a useful program for your delegates"


Igor Furmanov, Wirtgen Ukraine
"We are filled with impressions. There is an unexpectedly huge demand for road construction equipment, a huge number of visitors. We have requests for both new equipment and used equipment. We hope that at the given rates of development and financing of the road industry the demand will increase in the following years"


Aleksander Alekseyuk, STIM
"Our expectations were satisfied. We see the target flow of customers here. In general, we are happy with the fact that there is activeness and there is interest in technology. Road construction comes to life again"


Anton Kapusta, "Zeppelin Ukraine"
"We have been participating in AVTODOREXPO for about 10 years and I would like to note that this year’s exhibition is the most visited one for the last 5 years. This really shows there is a boom of road construction, an interest of customers"


Dmitry Nabatov, IPT Group
"The first time we participated in AVTODOREXPO was in 2009. And we have been participating almost every year since then. We are very pleased that there are more people this year compared to the last years the area and the number of exhibitors are much bigger. We are satisfied with the exhibition"


Andrey Evdokimov, PASS-CO UA
"I am pleasantly surprised by the number of people this year, in comparison with last year's exhibition and the years before"



Fatih Sahin, Sales Engineer
Thank you very much! The exhibition was very useful for us. And a few words for you too: in comparison to other exhibitions, you are super-professionals. We really enjoyed. Thank you for the organization again.


Znaki UA
Znaki UA Company thanks the administration of "ACCO International" for the opportunity to present our products at "AVTODOREXPO 2016" exhibition. Owing to the participation we saw the trends in development of equipment manufacture market, got acquainted with the production of new participants. The exhibition site provided an opportunity for communication with customers in a comfortable environment, as well as new business contacts establishing.


Dormash Group
Thank you for the good organization.


It is necessary to expand the event, increase the number of participants and visitors from new areas of the sector of road construction and road infrastructure.


The direction of the exhibition is well suited to our business, we are pleased to participate.



Thanks to the project manager and specialists of the exhibition for carrying out "AVTODOREXPO 2016".
We wish you all success, inspiration and good luck!

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