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Letter of gratitude to participants and visitors of 14th International Forum AVTODOREXPO from the Chairman of the State Road Agency of Ukraine Slawomir Novak

S.Novak-ade2016Dear colleagues!

We thank you for participating in the 14th International Forum for Road Industry – «AVTODOREXPO».

Learning new trends is very important for our occupation because the introduction of new technology is a part of progress.

I hope that all participants of the Forum had an opportunity to share their experiences with Western and Ukrainian partners, to find new contacts, and to demonstrate their scientific innovations through this Forum.

It is very useful for Ukrainian road workers to adopt experience of their European colleagues insofar as we all strife towards the European quality of Ukrainian roads.

Such events are very important for the development of road industry because it is a great opportunity to gather all Ukrainian road workers together in order to discuss our future.

In future, we will fully support «AVTODOREXPO», and expand the geography of its participants because this event contributes to the development of standards for maintenance and reconditioning of Ukrainian roads.

We look forward to seeing you next year!!

Yours faithfully,
Slawomir Nowak



State Road Agency of Ukraine

novakDear colleagues!

International Forum on projection, building and exploitation of motor roads and bridges AVTODOREXPO is being held for the 14th time this year. It is a traditional event for the whole road industry of Ukraine. Nonetheless, this year we decided to change our approach to it. And we are pleased to welcome you not to a typical protocol event, but to a convenient platform full of creative ideas and new acquaintances.

We want to keep the good tradition, which the Ukrainian road workers have accumulated over the years. I'm sure that there are a lot of them. Therewith, it is necessary to introduce new trends. This is a guarantee of road industry progress, and a whole infrastructure, in particular. It will help us achieve distinct development.

Both Ukrainians and experts from other countries are interested in it. As a confirmation, AVTODOREXPO brought together participants from 40 companies this year. Representatives of Poland, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic and Ukraine can be found among them. I am convinced that foreign colleagues can share road network restoration experience useful for us. They will show and tell many interesting facts about modern repair materials and equipment.

It is especially important for me that at a time when Ukraine is going through a difficult reformation path much attention is paid to the introduction of innovative solutions in the road industry and procurement through PROZORRO system at state expense on this year’s forum.

I believe that the 14-th International Forum will provide all participants with an opportunity to exchange experiences with Western and Ukrainian partners, new contacts and a possibility to present their scientific innovations. Under conditions when the road industry faces global change it is very useful for all of us. As a team we can do it all!

I wish you all patience, inspiration and success! Let’s move together forward to new achievements!

Chairman of the State Road Agency of Ukraine
Slawomir Nowak



State Road Agency of Ukraine

Batischev-smDear colleagues!

I would like to warmly welcome you all to the opening of the 13th International Forum on projection, building and exploitation of motor roads and bridges AVTODOREXPO 2015.

Traditionally, we meet here to showcase our achievements, share experiences and discuss current industry issues.

2015 turned out to be a rather difficult year for Ukraine as a whole and for the road industry in particular. Our country is going through tough times. Recent events had a negative impact on the implementation of country’s road network development plans. But it is important to understand that Ukraine is already taking first steps on the way out of this difficult political and socioeconomic situation. And each of us should directly participate in resolving these problems, work and develop our country’s economy, as well as bring positive changes!

Ukraine is going through tough times, but thanks to our long-term partnership relations, we are together doing everything possible to maintain and develop the domestic network of roads and bridges.

Ukraine is on its way to the European community. The precondition of the following transition lies in the need to provide Ukrainian citizens with roads of the European level.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. This work is closely connected with renovation of roads and bridges in the east of the country, development of modern world-class highways, integration of Ukrainian road network into the European transport system, reconditioning of existing roads, traffic safety improvement, road sector reforms, transition to innovation path and introduction of the latest technology advances.

I am convinced that AVTODOREXPO 2015 will further the implementation of international experience, technical re-equipment of road enterprises, introduction of new technologies and research optimization.

I sincerely wish all the participants peace, good health, happiness and harmony, as well as financial stability and new achievements in further work.

Yours faithfully,
Chairman of the State Road Agency of Ukraine,
Andriy Batyshchev

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