List of Participants 2018


  • AB, Poland – manufacture of road repair and maintenance machinery
  • AKROBUD-SERVICE, Ukraine – road safety research and evaluation, traffic engineering, design and construction of minor infrastructure
  • ALLIANCE ENERGO TRADE, Ukraine – supplier of bitumen, diesel fuel, and other oil products
  • ALMIX ASIA, Singapore – manufacture of asphalt plants
  • AMAKO UKRAINE, Ukraine – one of the largest Iveco commercial vehicle dealers in Ukraine
  • ASBUD-UKRAINE, Ukraine – sale and high-quality service of road-building machinery; official dealer of world’s leading manufacturers
  • ASTEC, Ukraine – manufacture of asphalt plants
  • ASTRA, Ukraine – distributor of SBS polymers used for modification of bitumen and emulsified bitumen
  • AVTEK, Ukraine – sales of motor cars, buses, specialized and commercial vehicles
  • AVTOSHLYAKHOVYK UKRAYINY, Ukraine – journal for motor transport and road management specialists
  • BELLATOR MASZYNY BUDOWLANE, Poland – wide range of second-hand road machines, spare parts for road machinery and construction equipment
  • BENZOTREID, Ukraine – sale and post-sale service of Stihl equipment
  • BITAREL, Republic of Belarus – production and sale of bituminous materials: hot and cold applied sealants, bitumen emulsions, polymer-bitumen tapes
  • BLASTRAC UKRAINE, Ukraine – surface preparation equipment
  • BUILD PORTAL, Web portal, Ukraine – rating portal of manufacturers and suppliers of building materials and services
  • CAPONIER GROUP, Ukraine – official distributor of SAINT-GOBAIN ADFORS CZ in Ukraine
  • CENTER, NPO, Republic of Belarus - manufacture of crushing, grinding and classifying equipment, centrifugal machinery, etc.
  • CEPAS, GONVARRI GROUP, Turkey – manufacture of metal road and bridge guard rails, sign posts, illumination poles, pedestrian overpass components
  • CHEMLABORREACTIV, Ukraine – complex solutions for industrial laboratories
  • CHIMSTROYPLASTMASS, Ukraine – manufacture of polymeric wares
  • COLOR S.I.M., Ukraine – manufacture of road marking materials, performance of road markings works
  • COMAP, Italy – bitumen plants
  • CONCRETE&ASPHALT, Ukraine – industry journal
  • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT DG, Ukraine – equipment for the production of asphalt and concrete, vibropress equipment
  • CONTROLS POLSKA, Poland – production and supply of research equipment for the construction of modular and stationary type laboratories, as well as field work
  • CREDO-DIALOGUE, Republic of Belarus – development of software solutions for survey data processing, design of civil, industrial and transport facilities, etc.
  • DORMASH GROUP, Ukraine – design, manufacture and supply of equipment for storing , heating and transportation of bitumen and other petroleum products
  • DORTEHPOSTACH, Ukraine – delivery of modern technologies, machinery, equipment and materials for construction, renewal, and maintenance of asphalt concrete pavements of highways and airports
  • DORTEK, Ukraine – distributor of a natural additive with high asphalthene content that is used for the manufacture of asphalt products
  • ELLIS, Ukraine – integration of mobile road laboratories, supply of equipment for testing road structures and materials quality in test laboratories
  • E-MAK MAKINE, Turkey – asphalt production technologies
  • ETS, Ukraine – import, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of road-building machinery and equipment
  • EURO ZNAK, Ukraine – manufacture of road signs and other traffic management means
  • EUROFORMAT, Ukraine – manufacturer and supplier of road safety barriers, pedestrian guardrails, noise screens, road signs
  • EUROISOL GEOSYNTHETICS, Ukraine – selection and supplies of geosynthetic materials for road and hydrotechnical construction
  • GAL ENGINEERING GROUP, Ukraine – activities in the fields of engineering, geology and geodesy, incl. provision of technical advisory services
  • HEAVY TOOL, Ukraine – sales of construction tools and machines
  • HOFMANN, Germany – leading manufacturer of road-marking equipment
  • IMPIANTI GUTHERM, Italy – emulsion systems, bitumen tanks
  • INFORMATION SYSTEMS STC, Ukraine – development and implementation of software and hardware for ACS TP
  • INTER CHEMICAL PRODUCTS, Ukraine – chemical products (polymer latexes, bituminous mastics, etc.), road barriers, repair machinery
  • INTMAX, Ukraine – development and manufacture of industrial heaters, incl. for petroleum products
  • IPT GROUP, Ukraine – manufacture and supply of road construction material, introduction of modern technologies of construction, repair and maintenance of roads
  • KAPSTROITELSTVO, Ukraine – industry journal
  • KHARKIV NATIONAL AUTOMOBILE AND HIGHWAY UNIVERSITY, Ukraine – higher education institution
  • KREMENCHUK PLANT OF ROAD MACHINES, Ukraine – development and production of asphalt-mixing and concrete-mixing plants
  • KWAZAR CORPORATION, Poland – manufacture of signs and safety elements for road building industry
  • LAKKET, Ukraine – wholesale of chemical products, road construction and maintenance machinery and equipment
  • MACHINA-TST, Republic of Belarus – manufacture and sale of geosynthetic materials
  • MARINI, FAYAT GROUP, Italy – design, production, after sales and spare part services of asphalt plants
  • MASSENZA INTERNATIONAL, Czech Republic – production of emulsion plants, modified bitumen plants, bitumen sprayers, thermotanks, etc.
  • NATIONAL TRANSPORT UNIVERSITY, Ukraine – higher education institution
  • ORION, Ukraine – manufacture of road repair and maintenance machinery
  • PASS+CO UA, Ukraine – road and bridge safety barriers, crush cushions and end terminals
  • PEGAS AUTOTRADE, Ukraine – official importer of German Wacker Neuson equipment in Ukraine
  • PLASTICS-UKRAINE, Ukraine – distributor of polymeric materials (soundstop barriers, reflective films, etc.)
  • PROLOGUE TD, Ukraine – distributor of Akzo Nobel (Sweden) road chemicals
  • RETTENMAIER UKRAINE, Ukraine – additives and stabilizers supply, representative of J. Rettenmaier & Sohne
  • ROADTEC, USA – road building and asphalt paving equipment
  • ROSTOK-ELEKOM, Ukraine – manufacturer and system integrator of hardware and software solutions in the field of traffic management on the principles of ITS
  • SAINT-GOBAIN ADFORS CZ, Czech Republic – asphalt reinforcement solutions
  • SIGMA ASPHALT TECHNOLOGY, Turkey – manufacture of asphalt plants
  • SIGNAL AUTO GROUP, Ukraine – national manufacturer of special signals
  • SPECIAL EQUIPMENT IN CIS, Catalogue, Ukraine – all-Ukrainian equipment catalogue 
  • SPECIAL EQUIPMENT IN CIS, Web portal, Ukraine – website dedicated to building, road-building and specialized machinery of domestic and foreign production
  • STIM UKRAINE, Ukraine – manufacture of machines and materials for horizontal road marking
  • TERMINAL-MK, Ukraine – supplier of bitumen for road-building industry organizations
  • TRANSPORT, Ukraine – weekly research and information journal
  • TRECAN COMBUSTION, Canada – snowmelters
  • TRINITI-GROUP, Ukraine – official representative of Roadtec Inc. (asphalt paving equipment), Trecan Combustion (snowmelters), RPM BelgiumVandex Group (seamless flooring and waterproofing)
  • TWINS, Ukraine – sales of road marking and construction materials, performance of road marking works
  • UHM UKRAINE, Ukraine – exclusive dealer of Atlas Copco and Dynapac road-building machinery
  • UKRAVTODOR, Ukraine – State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine
  • UKRAVTONOMGAZ, Ukraine – autonomous propane-butane gas supply systems for asphalt plants, bitumen storages, etc.; turnkey installation of gas filling stations
  • UNIVERSAL SOLUTION (UNISOL), Ukraine – sales and service of road-building equipment
  • URBAN CONSULTING GROUP, Ukraine – road safety research and evaluation, traffic engineering, design of multimodal streets, safe intersections and cycling infrastructure
  • VBA Trade Group, Ukraine – supplier of limestone, shell limestone, limestone meal and mineral dust
  • VESOIZMERITELNYE SYSTEMY, Ukraine - industrial scales and weighing equipment
  • VESTEC, Ukraine – advanced road construction solutions and equipment for their implementation
  • WEST INVEST SERVICE, Ukraine – original spare parts for road construction machinery and their substitutes
  • WESTHEM GROUP, Ukraine – design, engineering and execution of construction objects, supplies of geosynthetic materials
  • WIRTGEN UKRAINE, Ukraine – supply and maintenance of road and construction equipment

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