Exhibition Program 2017

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November 8, 2017


The Official openning ceremony of the 15th International trade fair AVTODOREXPO 2017

Invitees: Volodymyr Omelian, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine; Slawomir Nowak, Head of Ukravtodor; Michael G. Dreznes, Executive Vice President of the International Road Federation (IRF); representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Ukraine, CEOs of state institutions and leading enterprises, scientific organizations



International Conference "Road Industry of Ukraine on the Path of Reform, Modernization, Development"
Day 1

12.00–12.30 Contemporary state and prospects for further development of the road industry of Ukraine. Route plan for 2018–2022

Speaker: Slawomir Nowak, Chairman of the State Road Agency of Ukraine


12.30–14.00 IRF Road Safety Training Seminar. Workshop 1. Safer Roadsides

Lead instructor: Michael G. Dreznes, Executive Vice President, International Road Federation (IRF)

More information on the IRF seminars





14.30–15.00 CoST (Construction Sector Transparency Initiative)

Speaker: Natalia Forsyuk, Director, National Secretariat CoST Ukraine


15.05–16.00 IRF Road Safety Training Seminar. Workshop 2. Protecting Vulnerable Road Users

Lead instructor: Michael G. Dreznes, Executive Vice President, International Road Federation (IRF)

More information on the IRF seminars


16.00–16.30 Implementation of road safety improvement contracts funded by international financial organizations

Speaker: Olena Kryvoruchko, Director, Ukrdorinvest SOE


16.30–17.00 Independent quality control: best practices, FIDIC contracts

Speaker: Svitlana Reva, Vice President of the Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild



09 November 2017, Thursday


Prize drawing of STIHL MS180 power saw

The prize drawing is allowed for participation for all visitors of AVTODOREXPO 2017. In order to become a participant, it is needed to put in a lottery drum a business card or personal contacts, including phone number, written on paper. It is also necessary to be present at the exhibition hall at the momemnt of defining a winner.



International Conference "Road Industry of Ukraine on the Path of Reform, Modernization, Development"
Day 2


10.30–11.30 IRF Road Safety Training Seminar. Workshop 3: Work Zone Safety

Lead instructor: Michael G. Dreznes, Executive Vice President, International Road Federation (IRF)

More information on the IRF seminar


11.30–12.00 Scientific and regulatory support of road infrastructure development

Speaker: Vasyl Nahaichuk, Director, DerzhdorNDI SOE


12.00–12.20 Continuous paving

Speakers: Alexei Cherepkov, Caterpillar representative; Roland Egervari, Product Marketing Consultant AME/CIS, Caterpillar; John Ferraris, International Sales Manager, WEILER


12.20–12.35 Distinctive aspects of business in road construction market

Speaker: Anton Kapusta, Head of Sales Department, Zeppelin Ukraine


12.35–12.50 The right way to modify bitumen, select emulsifier, efficiently use ground-batching plant instead of recycler

Speaker: Fatih Sahin, Ukraine Sales Engineer, Fayat Group Marini Makina A.S.


12.50–13.05 Experience of geosynthetics use in the Republic of Belarus

Speaker: Pavel Shikut, Head of Technical Department, Machina-TST


13.05–13.20 Assurance of resource security in road construction when supplying secondary industrial products

Speaker: Volodymyr Saratovskyi, Lead Sales Manager, UMG Resource


13.20–13.35 Implementation of NCAT practices in Ukraine: production of warm mix asphalt concretes with addition of up to 50% reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). Comparison of the results with polymer modified asphalt concretes

Speaker: Sergei Dymov, Director of Sales (Northern Europe), ASTEC Inc.


13.35–13.50 New range of plants by Kredmash PrJSC

Speaker: Serhii Perepelchenko, Deputy Chief Engineer, Kredmash PrJSC


13.50–14.10 Materials and technologies for repair and construction in transportation sector

Speakers: Pavlo Kharin, Head of Project Team, Uniprom LLC; Oleksandr Ustymenko, Engineer, Henkel Bautechnik Ukraine


14.10–14.30 Bitumen quality problems and the ways to improve bitumen properties

Speaker: Ivan Kopynets, Head of Road Construction Materials Department, DerzhdorNDI SOE


14.30–14.50 Use of new asphalt concrete types in motor road construction

Speaker: Valentyn Honcharenko, Head of Flexible Pavements Department, DerzhdorNDI SOE


14.50-15.10 Application of basalt fiber and basalt reinforcement for the construction of roads and bridges

Speaker: Petro Koval, Professor, Head of the Department of the National Academy "Architectural Structures"


15.10-15.25 Domestic stabilizing additives iFiber C and iFiber C/Black for preparation of stone mastic asphalt and asphalt concrete

Speaker: Kushnir Olexander, Director of "AYPITI PRODAKSHN" Ltd.


15.25–15.45 Efficiency of recycling technologies use to recover load bearing capacity of flexible pavement

Speaker: Serhii Holovko, Head of Pavement Structures Department, DerzhdorNDI SOE


15.45–16.05 Assurance of reliability of road pavement structures with the use of geosynthetics

Speaker: Ihor Hameliak, Head of Department of Airports, National Transport University


16.05–16.25 Topical issues of roadwork scientific and technical support

Speaker: Serhii Illiash, Head of Roadwork Regulatory and Technical Support Department, DerzhdorNDI SOE


16.25-16.40 Testing Equipment for the construction industry

Speaker: Svyatoslav Karyuk, Sales Specialist & Technical Support Engineer CONTROLS Group


16.40-17.00 Scientific and technical support in road construction on the example of the measuring laboratory "Prolog TD"

Speaker: Alexey Vollis, Head of the Measuring Laboratory Ltd. "Prolog TD"

Session: Machinery and equipment for motor road construction and operation


10 November 2017, Friday





Official closing of the 15th International Forum AVTODOREXPO 2017

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