Exhibition Program 2018

November 8, 2018. Thursday

10.00 - 16.30

Scientific-practical conference on projection and construction of motor roads


10:00-10:20 Road industry in Ukraine: current state, prospects, innovations

Bezuglyi Artem, acting director DerzhdorNDI SOE, candidate of economic sciences


Thematic section "Regulatory support"


10:20-10:30 Presentation of the updated state construction standards for the motor roads design and construction

Ilyash Sergiy, Head of the Department of Regulatory and Technological Support of Road Works, DerzhdorNDI SOE


10:30-10:40 Topical issues in non-rigid pavement layers design

Golovko Sergiy, Senior Researcher of the Department of Regulatory and Technological Support of Road Works, DerzhdorNDI SOE, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Thematic section "Materials and Technologies"


10:40-10:50 Bitumen quality monitoring in 2018

Kopinets Ivan, Head of the Road Construction Materials Department, DerzhdorNDI SOE


10:50-11:00 The use of natural bitumen in the production of hot asphalt concrete mixtures for use in cold climates

Edith Tartari, Marketing and Development Manager at SeleniceBitumiSH.A.


11:00-11:10 Aspects of choosing different types of additives for bituminous concrete modification

Vollis Oleksiy, Head of Technical Department, Prolog TD Ltd


11:10-11:20 Presentation of the new company NOURYON, a global leader in specialized chemicals

Per Olund, NOURYO Marketing and Sales Manager


11:20-11:30 The first polymer in Ukraine with twenty years of practical experience in use for the modification of bitumen – Elvaloy® RET (manufactured by DuPont USA)

Stolyarova Larisa, Director, Lakket


11:30-12:00 The innovations in achieving the surface evenness, presentation of the asphalt paver of D series

Jammul Mohamad, Product Manager, Volvo / ETS Company


12:00-12:10 Parker asphalt plants – made in UK

Gibner Evgeniy, Commercial Director, Construction Equipment DG


12:10-12:20 Asphalt mixing plant with productivity of 200 tons per hour made by Ukrainian manufacturer Kredmash

Perepelchenko Sergiy, Deputy Chief Developer, Kredmash


12:20-12:30 Aspects of bitumen-concrete mix manufacturing with the use of foamed bitumen technology

Onishchenko Arthur, Professor of the Road Construction Materials and Chemicals Department, NTU, Doctor of Engineering Science

Khitsov Oleksandr, official representative of Astek Company in Ukraine


12:30-12:40 Aspects of preparation and application of vibratory casted bitumen-concrete mixes on public roads

Tymoshchuk Oleksandr, Head of the Flexible Pavements Department, DerzhdorNDI SOE


12:40-12:50 Estimation of efficiency of road bitumen-concrete layers reinforcement

Mozgovyi Volodymyr, Head of Road Construction Materials Department, NTU, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor

Baran Sergiy, assistant the Road Construction Materials and Chemicals Department, NTU

Kutzman Oleksandr, assistant the Road Construction Materials and Chemicals Department, NTU


12:50-13:15 BREAK


13:15-13:25 The use of asphalt concrete crumb in the bitumen-concrete production

Dymov Sergiy, Astec Inc.


13.25-13.35 Increasing the longevity of road pavement on road bridges by using epoxy asphalt concrete

Zelenovskiy Volodymyr, junior researcher of the Normative-Technological Support Department, DerzhdorNDI SOE


13:35-13:45 The importance of MP-1 mineral powder as a component in asphalt concrete

Anton Onushko, Executive Director, Mintorg LLC, VBA Group of Companies


13:45-13:55 Enhancement of the reliability of road pavement construction while reinforcing granular layers

Gamelyak Igor, Head of the Airports Department, NTU, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Science, scientific consultant of Hydrozahyst Ltd.


13:55-14:05 Stabilization of soil foundation as an effective solution to ensure the durability of road paving

Golovko Sergiy, Senior Researcher of the Department of Regulatory and Technological Support of Road Works,  DerzhdorNDI SOE, Candidate of Engineering Science


14:05-14:15 Efficiency of soil structures strengthened by rigid geogrids in conditions of seismicity

Gurtina Lilia, Chief Engineering Officer, Uniprom


14:15-14:25 Geosynthetics manufactured by Belarusian Makhina-TST

Gurban Olga, deputy head of the technical department, Makhina-TST


14:25-14:35 Regulatory assurance of the use of basalt fibres and basalt-plastic reinforcement in road construction

Koval Petro, Senior Researcher, DerzhdorNDI SOE, Professor, Candidate of Engineering Science


14:35-14:45 Estimation of the longevity of cement concrete pavements of roads

Onyshchenko Artur, Professor of the Road Construction Materials Department, NTU, Doctor of Engineering Science

Chyzhenko Natalia, assistant of the Road Construction Materials Department, NTU


14:45-14:55 Rolled concrete for road construction

Rakovych Ivan, Head of the Sector of Road Construction Organization, DerzhdorNDI SOE


14:55-15:10 BREAK


Thematic section "Information-analytical systems and projection"


15:10-15:20 Justification of the strategy of repairs in the system of bridges exploitation

Bodnar Larysa, Head of the Control of Bridges States Department, DerzhdorNDI SOE


15:20-15:30 Modern and advanced contactless technologies for road network management systems

Ildiko Boström, Ramboll RST


15:30-15:40 Modern methods of processing of engineering-geodesic and engineering-geological surveys. Building of complex digital terrain model as the basis of information modelling

Koleda Sergiy, Head of the Engineering Solutions Implementation Department, Credo-Dialogue


15:40-15:50 New opportunities for designing a new construction, repair and reconstruction of transport facilities in the CREDO complex. Adaptation for Ukraine

Karedyn Volodymyr, Head of the Project Direction, Credo-Dialogue


15:50-16:00 Wacker Neuson – traditions and innovations

Vezhnovets Kostyantyn, Sales Manager at Pegas Autotrade

Branko Barnjak, Market Development Manager at Wacker Neuson SE


Thematic section "Road Safety"


16:00-16:10 The role of road conditions in the incident initiation

Nagrabelna Lyudmyla, Junior Researcher, DerzhdorNDI SOE


16:10-16:20 Why road repair leads to higher mortality and how to change that?

Zagreba Viktor, Koman Andriy, Founders of the Urban Consilting Group


16:20-16:30 Measures and means for traffic calming on public motor roads

Voznyuk Andriy, Head of the Intellectual Transport Systems and Road Traffic Organizing Sector, DerzhdorNDI SOE

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