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Statistics 2006


Total exhibition area 4036 sq.m
Exposition area 1854 sq.m
The number of registered visitors who filled 
registration card 
1689 (without the datas of visitors of the International Road Conference)
Total number of exhibitors 114 companies
- national exhibitors 82 companies
- foreign exhibitors 32 companies (from Austria, Byelorussia, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria)

Position structure of visitors
Top executives 40,67
Specialist, technologist, manager 35,03
Average executives 23,00
Other 1,3



  • А PLUS С CONSULT UKRAINE, Ukraine – development and advancement of software, developments in field of motor roads and railway infrastructure
  • ADM, Ukraine – selling of road building and quarry special machinery
  • ALFA-WELD, Ukraine – repair and service of pneumo-building machines produced in Yekaterinburg, Russia
  • ARM GROUP - UKRAINE, Ukraine – official importer of road-building machinery by New Holland and Zoomlion in Ukraine
  • ASBUD-UKRAINE, Ukraine – selling and servicing of road-building machinery produced in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, Great Britain, South Korea, Poland
  • ASKOM-UKRAINE, Ukraine – asphalt mixers, servicing, leasing
  • ASSOL, Ukraine – delivering of training units, repairing of bulldozer and excavator technique manufactured in the Russian Federation and Poland
  • AST-MASTER, Ukraine – producing of high and ultrahigh pressure devices for hydrodynamic cleaning
  • ASTRA, Ukraine – the official distributor of "Kraton Polymers" company in Ukraine, supplier of "Kraton D" bitumen modifier for asphalt concrete producing
  • ATILOS, Ukraine – development, producing and modernization of light diode traffic lights and road controllers
  • AVISTA-SМ, Ukraine – supply of materials for damp course of bridges, tunnels; POLYFELT (Austria) geosynthetics
  • AVTOKRAZ, Ukraine – the leading enterprise in CIS countries specialize in producing of heavy haulers
  • AVTOSHLAHOVYK UKRAINY, Ukraine – specialized edition
  • BOREX, Ukraine – excavators producing
  • CEDIMA-UKRAINE, Ukraine – instruments for concrete and asphalt cutting
  • CFF GMBH & CO. KG, Germany – stabilizing additions for asphalt mixes
  • CLARIANT CONSULTING AG, Switzerland, representative – development and producing of special chemicals
  • COBALT, Ukraine – special machinery and equipment; official representative of "China machine-building group "ССMG"
  • COLOR S.I.M., Ukraine – road marking; high polish auto enamels; nacreous and metallize auto enamels; two-components acryl auto varnish; building chemistry for bridges building and renovation
  • CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY LTD., Ukraine – "JCB" (Great Britain) machinery supply and service
  • CONVEYER, Ukraine – producing of loading machinery, safety fences, metal constructions
  • CREDO, Ukraine – producing of varnish-and-paint products; official distributor of SWARCO Company (Austria) – supplying of materials for road-marking works
  • CREDO-DIALOG, Беларусь – complex designing of highways, general layouts, software support CREDO
  • DALMEX-DNEPRO, Ukraine – building machinery and instruments
  • DEMIDOVSKY KARIER, Ukraine – producing of macadam products
  • DINAMIC METAL, Poland – producing of excavators and loaders, building of industrial objects
  • DNEPROTECHTRANS, Ukraine – control devices development
  • DORBUD, Ukraine – producing of materials: road concrete mixes, emulsions; building, reconstruction, repair of motor roads
  • DOREX, Ukraine – introductory the new technologies of European and domestic industry, delivering and selling of modern barriers, traffic signs, luminaries; cold plastic marking
  • DORSTROYINDUSTRY, Republic of Byelorussia – road-building machinery and attached implements
  • DOROZHNYE ZNAKI, Ukraine – producing of road signs; supply of various technical means of traffic regulating
  • DSA, Poland – designing, producing and programming of microprocessor-based road controller
  • ENGINEERING REMAKE AGREGAT, Ukraine – diesel engines HATZ (Germany); hydraulic equipment DOA (Italy), rigid, bituminous pavements and concrete roof cutting services
  • EUROFORMAT, Ukraine – road equipment: road signs, barriers; metalware hot zinc-plating
  • EUROIZOL GEOSYNTHETICS, Ukraine – supply of geosynthetic materials "Typar"®, "Kortex"®, "Armatex"®, "Изолит"®, "Enkamat"®, "Enkadraіn"® for transport civil engineering
  • EXKAVATOR.RU, Russia – the unique project about excavators in the Russian-speaking Internet http://excavate.ru
  • FILTROPOL, Poland – producing of bituminous blends, accessories for bituminous factories, industrial drying apparatus, industrial filters
  • GLOBUS-AVTO, Ukraine – communal machinery, harvesters
  • GRUNBERG, Ukraine – presenting the Shmidt Company – the producer of road-repairing and renewing high-quality municipal technique.
  • HERRENKNECHT TUNNEL SYSTEMS UKRAINE, Ukraine – machinery for tunnel building produced by HERRENKNECHT AG (Germany)
  • HUESKER SYNTHETIK, Germany – development and producing of technical geotextile
  • HYDRAULIC - SERVICE, Ukraine – repair of hydraulic equipment
  • INFRATEST PRUFTECHNIK GmbH, Germany – supply of machinery, devices and accessories for test operation and quality rating of asphalt, bitumen, ground, concrete, cement
  • INFORM-AUTO-DOR, Ukraine – research and publishing center. Catalogue "Everything for road building and renewing"
  • INSTITUTE of PROBLEMS OF INFORMATION REGISTRATION, Ukraine – developing of cat technologies
  • INSTITUTE UKRORGSTANKINPROM, Ukraine – producing of concrete-mixing plants, boilers, workbenches
  • INTERNATIONAL CHEMISTRY PRODUCTS, Ukraine – bitumen modifiers, bitumen emulsions, bituminous concrete, and emulsifying agents for bituminous concrete quality improvement
  • INTON, Ukraine – devices and equipment for grounds and rock material characterization, devices for concrete and bituminous concrete quality control
  • IRMASH, Russia – producing and selling of road-building , earth-moving and special machinery
  • ITALGROUP, Ukraine – supply of machinery for road building, made by SIMEX ( Italy )
  • KAPSTROITELSTVO, Ukraine – specialized edition
  • KELLER-UKRAINE, Ukraine – representative of KELLER POLSKA company – grounds strengthening projecting and operations
  • KIEVSOYUZDORPROJEKT, Ukraine – designing of highways and bridges
  • KREDMASH, Ukraine – projecting and producing of road building machinery, spare parts
  • KROK, Ukraine – development and producing of additions for concretes and compos, other materials for building, road industry and communal economy
  • KRUKOVSKY VAGONOSTROITELNY PLANT, Ukraine – development and production of main-line freight and passenger railroad cars, highway machinery
  • LAKET, Ukraine – polymer for bitumen modification "Elvaloy AM" (USA); paints for road marking; "Ferry" (Italy) attached implements for motor roads service
  • LAKMA-DOR, Ukraine – paints and machinery for road marking
  • LEASING HOUSE, Ukraine – leasing service
  • LIGO SERVICE, Ukraine – supply of road building machinery and mechanismes from Germany, England and Czech producers
  • LKF VEJMARKERING A/S, Denmark – thermoplastic road marking material
  • LTC LUKANOWSKI GmbH, Germany – supply on SIC market of road - building and building machinery and equipment from the leading European producers
  • MASSENZA INTERNATIONAL S.R.O., Czech Republic – road-building machinery
  • MASTAS, Turkey – loading machinery producing
  • MADROG CONSTRUCTION, Poland – the producer of modern, controllable by computer system of machineries for road repairing
  • METALOCONSTRUCTION, Russia – producing of barriers for highways and bridges
  • METSO MINERALS, representative in Ukraine – hogging and grading equipment
  • MIR DOROG, Russia – "Mir Dorog" (World of Roads) magazine – reviewing of priority of road branch development in Russia
  • MOSTBUDSERVICE, Ukraine – representative of POLYFELT company (Austria) – the first-rate geotextile manufacturer
  • NGK INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS, Ukraine – representative of HYDROPACK SILOVYE SISTEMY company (Russia) – development and producing of hydraulic components
  • NOVAPACK-PLUS, Ukraine – materials and equipment for road exploitation: geotextile, geogrids, safety fence s, road columns, warning signs
  • ORGAHEM - POLYCOLOR, Romania - Bulgaria – materials and equipment for road marking
  • PODKOWA, Poland – building, modernization and current maintenance of warning lights
  • POLYFARB UKRAINE, Ukraine – producing of paintwork materials, including enamels for horizontal road marking
  • PQ POTTERS EUROPE, Germany – producing of glass balls using in road marking, other kinds of road works
  • PRAKTIKA, Ukraine – exclusive distributor of "Huesker Synthetic" (Germany) – geosynthetic materials
  • PRIORYTETNA HIMIYA, Ukraine – technologies development and producing of paintwork materials for road building and marking
  • PROLOG, Ukraine – distributor of "Akzo Nobel" (Switzerland) products: bitumen emulsifying agents, additions for road bitumen, concentrates
  • PROMKOMPLEKT, Ukraine – producing of reflecting film, studs, road cones, seep-limit devices
    PROTECT, Russia – producing of geosynthetic materials
  • ROSTOK-ELECOM, Ukraine – developing and producing of road traffic control software: controllers, video-monitoring, traffic lights
  • SANDVIK, Finland – producing of mining equipment for mining operations
  • SAVVATS , Ukraine – producing and supplying road boarders, illuminating, metal constructions
  • SCHAFER-TECHNIC GmbH, Germany – producer of machinery for building and repair of motor roads; developing and producing of machinery for bitumen using
  • SEVITOL, Ukraine – equipment for hard material processing
  • SIAT, Ukraine – building, repair, reconstruction of motor roads; official distributor of TELEFON-GRADNJA company (Croatia) – automatic systems of traffic regulation
  • SHLYACHINDUSTRY, Ukraine – producing: barriers, metal constructions
  • SOVREMENNYE TECHNOLOGII DOROG, Ukraine – producing of water-bituminous emulsions
  • SPETSTECHNIKA V SNG, Ukraine – the first Ukrainian catalogue of specialized technique of domestic and foreign producers
  • SPETSTECHNIKA V SNG, Ukraine – the first Ukrainian site of building, road-building and other specialized technique www.specmash.com.ua
  • SPETSTECHNIKA, TH, Ukraine – repair of road-building machinery, hydraulics; spare parts to special machinery
  • SPETSTECHNIKA, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia – specialized edition
  • SPETSTECHNIKA-UKRAINA, Ukraine – offering GRACO ™ , Uraca ™ , Blastrac ™ , Munkebo™, DeFelsko™ REGLO™, PRIBORI™ technique - antiknock processing, flashing, road-marking technique
  • STANKENPROM, Ukraine – producing of building equipment
  • STROMNEFTEMASH, Russia – producing grinding-sorting equipment
  • STROYDORMASH, Ukraine – road, communal and building machinery supply
  • SWARCO HOLDING, Austria – road-marking and cat's eye materials, light-emitting diode signaling systems, anti-ice-covered ground warning system
  • TECHNO - KURS, Ukraine – selling, repair and servicing of building machinery of European production
  • TECHSTROYCONTRACT UKRAINE, Ukraine – representative of the Russian dealer of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.Ltd and Tadano – new and used machinery: excavators, bulldozers, spare parts
  • TELEFON-GRADNJA, Croatia – producing of automation control systems and control equipment
  • TDC-UKRAINE, Ukraine – the official distributor the Bridgestone company. In assortment – tires for building, road and other specialized technique form world-wide producers: Bridgestone, Michelin, Firestone, Goodyear
  • TENSAR INTERNATIONAL, Great Britain – the world leader of producing and offering in a field of soil stabilization, composite fields for increasing durability of pavement
  • THERMO KING UKRAINE, Ukraine – the official corporation THERMO KING representative: heating ewuipment for passenger compartment, air-conditioners
  • TRACTOR.RU, Russia – the Russian tractor server www.tractor.ru
  • TRADE-COMPANY, Ukraine – exclusive dealer of the Russian company produced small road machinery, building machinery diamond tool " Splitstone "
  • TRANSMOST, Russia –investigation and bridges designing
  • UKRAINIAN TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION, Ukraine – trade marks "Біла Вежа", "Еней", "Беларус", "Амкодор", "МАЗ". Selling and after-sales service
  • UKRGEODOR, Ukraine – producing of geo-grates; supply of geo-textile and geo-synthetics
  • UKRPROMBUD, Ukraine – supply of machinery, equipment, materials for building, repair, maintenance of bituminous concrete covers of motor roads and airports
  • UNIPROM, Ukraine – official exclusive representative of "CFF" Gmbh & Co. KG and "Infratest Pruftechnik" GmbH (Germany) companies
  • VIAKON UKRAINE, Ukraine – daughter enterprise of "Viakon" (Sweden) companies group" Geosynthetic materials, crimped metal and plastic constructions
  • WIRTGEN-UKRAINE, Ukraine – official representative of "Wirtgen Group" company (cutters, concrete-laying and asphalt-laying machines, road-rollers)
  • YUST, Ukraine – producing of road signs, information shields, road marking



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