About exhibition

Statistics 2008


Total Trade Fair area 6222 sq.m
Exposition area 3857 sq.m
The number of registered visitors who filled 
registration card 
2250 (without the datas of visitors of the International Road Conference)
Total number of exhibitors 133 companies
- national exhibitors 96 companies
- foreign exhibitors 37 companies (from Austria, Byelorussia, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland)

Position structure of visitors:
Top executives 49
Key specialist / engineer 33
Average executives 18
Distribution of visitors according to regions:
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 49
Eastern Region 12
Central Region   8
Western Region   12
Southern Region 9
Northern Region 5
Foreign 5



  • 3 М Ukraine, Ukraine - selling of reflecting materials, coverings, production of traffic safety signs.
  • ADM, Ukraine – selling of road-building and quarry, municipal special machinery 
  • AGROTONPROM, Ukraine – offers a wide range of geosynthetic materials for road construction, soft elements reinforcing, bituminous concrete reinforcing, erosion preventive protection, water isolation of transport works.
  • ALTECH TM – SERVICE, Ukraine – supplying equipment, spare parts, consumable materials for imported construction, road-building, quarry special machinery
  • АМЕТ-GEO UKRAINE, Ukraine – offers a wide range of geosynthetic materials of leading world producers: SUNJUT (Turkey); GEOFELT, DATEX (Switzerland); SURREY(Great Britain). These materials are utilized in construction of roads railways, bridges, aqueducts and dams, in agricultural industry, for land erosion and floods protection 
  • AMMANN ASPHALT GmbH, Ukraine – asphalt plants, equipment for road construction from concern AMMANN GROUP (Germany)
  • AQUASPETSTROY, Ukraine – trenchless technologies for pipelines laying, construction of boxes under roads and road crossings, ground stabilization, slopes and foundations reinforcement etc.
  • ARM GROUP UKRAINE, Ukraine – official importer of machinery New Holland, exclusive representative of Zoomlion Company, importer of trucks ASTRA in Ukraine 
  • ART-EXPO LTD, Poland – organizational servicing of companies that participate in exhibition abroad
  • ASBUD-UKRAINE, Ukraine – selling and servicing of road-building machinery manufactured in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, Great Britain, South Korea, Poland 
  • ASKEY, Ukraine – intellectual solutions in structural chemistry, equipment for concrete production and utilization, equipment for metal road fence construction.
  • ASTEC INDUSTRIES one of the biggest world producers of road-building, crushing and screening, drilling and excavating equipment. The corporation consists of 14 brands, among them the world-famous road-building machinery producer Roadtec, Inc. (asphalt pick-and-place devices, road angle-recyclers, asphalt pavers, roadbed stabilizers)
  • ASTRA, Ukraine – official distributor of "Kraton Polymers" Company in Ukraine, supplier of "Kraton D" bitumen modifier for asphalt-concrete producing
  • AVTOKORPORATSIYA (AUTOCORPORATION), Ukraine – import and selling of construction equipment. Official representative of such production plants as: CAMC Automobile Company Ltd., TOTA Construction Machinery Co., Ltd, HENGHTE Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, SHANTUI Construction Machinery Co., Ltd
  • BAEST a.s., Czech Republic – manufacture and assembling of autonomous functional units for mixing and concrete plants
  • BETON&ASPHALT, Ukraine – all-Ukrainian specialized magazine
  • BOBKET-UKRAINE, Ukraine – municipal and construction engineering of Bobcat (USA), Terex (England), Kato (Japan)
  • BONNY UKRAINE, Ukraine – special equipment and spare parts selling
  • BUDSHLYAHMASH, Ukraine – supplying of road-building, municipal and construction machinery of CIS and Europe countries, manufacture and service of construction, road-building, excavating machinery
  • BIZNES-TEMA, magazine – professional analytical business publication on Ukraine construction sector
  • CENTER STANDARD PARK, Ukraine – manufacturer and supplier of surface drainage and drain system components
  • CFF GMBH & CO. KG, Germany – leading manufacturer of cellulose products used for road construction in asphalt processing
  • CLARIANT CONSULTING AG, Switzerland, Representative office – developing and producing of special chemistry products 
  • COBALT, Ukraine – domestic manufacturer of dump trucks, FOTON AUMAN truck concrete mixers.  Exclusive dealer of Construction Machinery Corporation FOTON  GROUP
  • COLOR S.I.M., Ukraine – road marking; high polish auto enamels; nacreous and metallised auto enamels; two-components acryl auto varnish; construction chemistry for bridge building and renovation
  • Consulting and Investment, Financial Group, Ukraine –financial consulting, dealer and brokerage services on stock market
  • CONTROLS S.r.LItaly –leading manufacturer of construction testing equipment, excavating, mining, asphalt, cement equipment
  • DNEPRPROM, Ukraine – domestic manufacturer of road traffic safety equipment: road signs, informational boards, speed bumps etc.
  • DORBUD, Ukraine – material manufacturing: road concrete mix, bitumen emulsion. Road construction, reconstruction and repairing
  • DOREX, Ukraine – introduction of new technologies of European and domestic industry, delivering and selling of modern barriers, traffic signs, luminaries; cold plastic marking 
  • DORMASHINA, Russia – serial production of road rollers, selling of road-building equipment: road rollers, bulldozer, loaders of China manufacture
  • DOROZHAYA KARTA, Ukraine – offers machinery of well-known manufactures: KAMAZ, MAZ, NefAZ, AMKODOR, MTZ, Borex, TIGARBO, URAL
  • DOROZHNAYA OTRASL’ UKRAINY (Roadbuilding branch of Ukraine), magazine, Ukraine – magazine for road-building branch workers. Its aim: to inform, acquaint, consult about innovations, development and perspectives in motor road branch
  • DOROZHNYE ZNAKI, Ukraine – producing of road signs; supplying of various technical means for traffic management 
  • DROGOWE SYSTEMY AUTOMATYKI Poland – engineering and producing of signal light equipment, road automation and traffic safety systems
  • ELLIS, Ukraine –  configuration of mobile road laboratories, delivery of equipment for building materials and constructions quality control laboratories
  • EKTAUkraine – development and manufacture of photodiode screens and photodiode special-purpose products
  • ENERGOTRANS, Ukraine – manufacturing and trading company on building materials market, General Dealer of Poltava mining complex. Quartz crushed aggregates – material for road-building, constructions, airports, concrete filling agent
  • ENGINEERING REMAKE AGGREGATE, Ukraine – diesel engines HATZ (Germany); hydraulic equipment DOA (Italy), bituminous pavements and concrete roof cutting services 
  • EUROFORMAT, Ukraine – road equipment manufacturing: road signs, barriers; metalware hot zinc-plating 
  • EUROIZOL GEOSYNTHETICS, Ukraine – "Typar"®, "Kortex"®, "Armatex"®, "Изолит"®, "Enkamat"®, "Enkadraіn"® for transport civil engineering
  • EXIMTRADE, Ukraine –special machinery and spare parts selling. Ukraine representative of Sichuan Bonny Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd. (China) – one of the five largest world hydraulic excavator manufacturers
  • FAMARO FAYAT GROUPFrance – road-building machinery of leading European manufacturers of FAYAT GROUP holding company. Supplying of ERMONT coating plants and BREINING road-building equipment
  • FIRST UKRAINIAN GALVANIZING PLANT, Ukraine – production that is widely used in road construction: backup, railing, noise-attenuating barriers, bridge construction, safety barriers, road sign bearing parts, city infrastructure and in many other areas: power engineering, communications, industrial and private engineering.
  • FREGAT PLANT, Ukraine –one of the biggest galvanized road fence manufacturers in Ukraine
  • GIFTEC-UKRAINE, Ukraine – provision of roadbuilding companies with modern retroreflective materials for traffic management. Giftec Reflection is the official distributor of companies: LG CHEM "LGLITE™" (Corea), AVERY DENNISON REFLECTIVE PRODUCTS DIVISION "AVERY DENNISON™" (USA)
  • GLOBUS AUTO, Ukraine –manufacture of public cleansing vehicles: all-season large-size sweepers for municipal services, airport, beaches
  • GORDORREMSTROY, Ukraine – the Company consists of coating plant, granite quarry, concrete product plant, road-building bureau 
  • GRANDE ALBERTO & Co, Italy – equipment and instruments for laboratory research
  • HANSA-FLEX, Ukraine – representative office of Germanian Company HANSA-FLEX - the leading producer of hydraulic assembly units for different industry branches 
  • HOFMANN GmbH, Germany – leading manufacturer of equipment for road marking
  • HUESKER SYNTHETIK, Germany –  leader in developing and producing of high quality geosynthetic materials, technical textiles
  • IMAGE SENSING SYSTEMS EUROPE LIMITED, Poland - leading manufacturer of AUTOSCOPE video detection systems, designed to control and monitor traffic in streets, highways and tunnels
  • IMP’YANTI GUTERM, Italy, Representative office in Ukraine – designing, manufacturing, selling of oil derived productsmachinery and equipment. Bitumen distributors, emulsions, bitumen emulsion production plants, transportation containers, bitumen storage 
  • INFORMATIONAL SYSTEMS, Ukraine – engineering, delivery, turnkey of automated process control systems for road-building branch, machine building and construction industry: control systems for asphalt and concrete plants, modernization of asphalt plants, electronic motor-truck scales
  • INFRATEST PRUFTECHNIK GmbH, Germany – supplying of machinery, devices and accessories for conducting a trial and estimation of asphalt, bitumen, ground, concrete and cement quality 
  • INSTITUTE of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – leading enterprise of the cartographical field of Ukraine 
  • INSTITUTE of PROBLEMS OF INFORMATION REGISTRATION, Ukraine – developing of technologies of microprism lightreflecting elements (katafotes) 
  • INTERGAZSINTEZ, Ukraine – production of wear-resistant acryl paint of "SINTEGO-D" brand used for the road marking, light-reflecting paint, modern high quality coatings and enamels 
  • INTERNATIONAL CHEMISTRY PRODUCTS, Ukraine – selling of bitumen modifiers, bitumen emulsions, bituminous concrete, and emulsifying agents for bituminous concrete quality improvement
  • INTON, Ukraine – devices and equipment for grounds and rock material characterization, devices for concrete and bituminous concrete quality control 
  • INTRO-SERVICE, Ukraine – selling of home- and foreign made road-building and special machinery, spare parts and components 
  • IRMASH, Russia – production, marketing and sale of road-building, earth-moving and specialized machines. Product line includes: wheeled and track-type asphalt pavers, heavy duty and light motor-graders, patchers, road combi-machines, vibratory road rollers, chain and bucket wheel trenchers, drainage machines
  • JD INZYNIERIA RUCHU DOMINIK JERZY, Poland – manufacturer of vertical road signs. The leading product is SSOD system – road solar lighting system, used for lighting of crosswalks and highly dangerous places
  • KAPSTROITELSTVO, Ukraine - all-Ukrainian specialized magazine
  • KOMPLEKTAUTODOR, Ukraine – manufacturing of road signs, road sign mountings, road-marking with cold and thermoplastic 
  • KREDMASH, Ukraine – projecting and producing of road-building machinery, spare parts 
  • LAKET, Ukraine – materials and equipment for road building and servicing; road marking 
  • LIGO SERVICE, Ukraine – supply of road building machinery and mechanisms of leading manufacturers:  asphalt-mixing plants Telmomat (Germany) and ALMIX (USA-Singapur), asphalt paver Barber Grin (England) and others
  • MADROG CONSTRUCTION, Poland – producing of computer system controlled machines for road repair
  • MALVA-CT, Ukraine – CEMEN TECH truck mobile concrete-mixing plants, ground projection equipment with laser-leveling system HITCH DOC
  • MASSENZA INTERNATIONAL S.R.O., Czech Republic – developing, production and supplying of  road construction-and-maintenance machinery. Construction of emulsion and modified bitumen plants, bituminous termodepositories
  • MARTIN GROUP, Ukraine – municipal machinery, crushers, road-building, drilling and excavating machinery, asphalt pavers, graders, dumpers, excavators
  • METSO MINERALS, Representative office in Ukraine – crushing and screening equipment
  • MSR TRAFFIC, Poland – equipment and systems of road traffic control: road controllers, supervision system, road image transfer system. Modeling of road traffic in transport systems, effectiveness analysis
  • NEO, Ukraine – representative of TM Karcher (Germany) - municipal machinery for cleaning of roads, parks, stadia, etc.
  • NET-SECURITY, Ukraine – selling of road-building machinery
  • NGK INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS, Ukraine – is part of HydroPack Holding, developer and manufacturer of hydraulic components, power drives, power transmission elements
  • NOVOPAC PLUS – road geonets for road fundament and drainage system construction, geotextiles, plastic nets for road servicing (windshields and snow fencing), filler and warning facilities – (signal road cones, signs etc.)
  • NTC STAVEBNI TECHNIKA, Czech Republic – manufacturer of road-building 
  • NTS-SERVICE, Ukraine – official distributor of "Kennametal Inc." (USA), supplying of carbide-tipped tools and other tools for road, drilling and mining machines
  • OMEGA-AUTOPOSTAVKA, Ukraine – the largest supplier of automotive equipment, original spare parts, tyres for cars and farming machines manufactured in CIS countries
  • PETRONIK, Ukraine – manufacturer of construction engineering: front loader, motor grader, pavement roller, semitrailer. Tube filters, drainage tubing for building flooding protection
  • POLISTOK, Ukraine – glass-fibre plastic manufacture: pipe filters for different diameter wells, drain-pipes for buiding and hydrotechnical constructions impoundment protection 
  • POLYFARB UKRAINE, Ukraine – producing of paintwork materials, including enamels for horizontal road marking 
  • PRAKTIKA, Ukraine – exclusive distributor of "Huesker Synthetic" (Germany) – developing and manufacturing of geosynthetic materials 
  • PROLOG, Ukraine – distributor of "Akzo Nobel" (Switzerland) products: bitumen emulsifying agents, additions for road bitumen, concentrates and other
  • PROMKOMPLEKT, Ukraine – representative of Asian plant producing of roadreflecting film, studs, road cones, speed bumps etc.
  • PROMOPTIMA PLUS, Ukraine – selling of dark-oil products – used in asphalt concrete manufacture and road repairing
  • PULSAR & CO, Ukraine – geotextile road bed for asphalt coat reinforcing, soft grounds reinforcing, canal slopes and water bodies protection
  • ROSA, Ukraine – official supplier of "TRIANGLE TIRES" trademark (China): industrial tires for construction, road-building and quarry special machinery, truck tires
  • ROSTOK-ELECOM, Ukraine – development and production of complex hardware and software for traffic control: traffic controllers, detectors of motor vehicles, video monitoring, traffic lights and other
  • RUSSIA’S TRACTOR SERVER www.tractor.ru, Russia – specialized web site
  • SAVVATS, Ukraine – the first service metal center: producing and supplying of road barriers, metal-roll, etc. 
    SCHAFER-TECHNIC GmbH, Germany – manufacturer of machinery for road building and repairing; developing and producing of bitumen machinery
  • SECUTEC GmbH, Germany – producing of materials and machines for road safety and maintenance
  • SEVITOL, Ukraine – official representative of British and Italian enterprises specialized in manufacturing of quarry machinery (breakstone production, solid materials breaking etc.) 
  • SOILTECH GmbH, Germany – developer of universal InfraCrete®series cement additive for stabilization of almost all ground types and immobilization of hazardous substances
  • Special Engineering POrtal www.SpecServer.com, Russia – specialized web site
  • SPETSSHINA (SPECIAL TIRES), Ukraine – leading supplierof tires for agricultural, road-building, industrial, port, quarry, stocking machinery
  • SPETSTECHNIKA (Special Engineering), Ukraine-Belorus-Russia – magazine
  • SPETSTECHNIKA v SNG (Special Engineering in CIS), Ukraine – catalogue
  • SPETSTECHNIKA v SNG (Special Engineering in CIS), Ukraine – web portal
  • STAN COMPLECT, Ukraine – supplying and selling of special road-building, construction, load-lifting machinery manufactured in China, Russia, Ukraine 
  • STEKLONIT, Russia – the largest Russian manufacturer of geo-synthetical materials
  • STIM, Byelorussia – the only manufacturing company within CIS, that applies integrated approach in manufacturing of machinery and materials for road marking
  • SWARCO AG, Austria – leading manufacturer of light-emitting diode traffic lights and glass reflecting beds, city and suburb traffic, parking and public transport control systems
  • TAU, Ukraine – road-marking equipment and services in equipment modernization
  • TECHNOPORT-GROUP, Ukraine – supplier of construction machinery XIAGONG MAСHINERY (PRC): sale and complete maintenance of construction and special machinery. Credit aid, leasing
  • TECHO-KURS, Ukraine – selling of new and used engineering of European manufacturers: excavator, loaders, bulldozers and other. Leasing, Repair and service of equipment. Freight services
  • TELEGRA-EUROPE, Croatia – supplier of complex systems for traffic management and control on the highways and tunnels 
  • TENCATE Geosynthetics Europe, Representative office, Russia – manufacturer of geosynthetic materials for road construction: woven and nonwoven geotextile, geonets, geogrids, drainage composites, geocontainers and others.
  • TENSAR INTERNATIONAL, Russia – the world leader in manufacturing of ground reinforcing and stabilization, wide range of geo-nets and composites for increased durability of road surface
  • TEPLOENERGETICHESKIE SYSTEMY (Heat and power systems), Ukraine – exclusive representative of S&P Clever Reinforcement –European leader in reinforcing agents manufacture, geonets, geo-composites for road carpet reinforcing: Glasphalt G, Carbophalt G, Glasphalt GS, Carbophalt GS, G type
  • TEXSIKA, Ukraine – selling of geo-synthetical materials (geotextile, geo-nets) manufactured in Russia 
  • TRANSPORT, Ukraine – weekly informational-analytical magazine
  • TF-K- Group, Ukraine – presents cable production 
  • UKRAINA PROMYSHLENAYA (INDUSTRIAL UKRAINE)  informational ground for industrial issues
  • UKRGEODOR, Ukraine – manufacturing of GEODORF® geonetting, supplying of geotextiles and geonets 
  • UKRPROMBUD, Ukraine – supplying of machinery, equipment, materials for construction, repairing, maintenance of roads and airport asphalt carpets 
  • UKRRENTEK, Ukraine – road-building machinery and equipment for concrete and asphalt work, produced by leading European manufacturers: Bomag, HBM-Nobas, SIM (Ammann Group) and other
  • UNIPROM, Ukraine – official exclusive representative of a number of German companies: chemical additives and manufacturing equipment 
  • UST, Ukraine – producing of road signs, informational shields, road marking, speed bump installation, road fence assembling and other  
  • VESOIZMERITELNYE SYSTEMY (Weight Measuring Systems), Ukraine – weight measuring equipment
  • VIAKON UKRAINE, Ukraine – manufacturing of corrugated steel and plastic pipes, for underpasses, bridges, culverts, tunnels etc. Supplying of pavement materials
  • VISTIL, Poland – manufacturer of geosynthetic materials CERTUS A, CERTUS G and CERTUS GLASSfor ground and asphalt coatreinforcing, railroad embankment reinforcing, erosion protection
  • WINNER GPO-TORG, Ukraine – manufacturing and selling of mining machinery, gravel production, FEM, different types of semitrailers, industrial and transport construction
  • WIRTGEN-UKRAINE, Ukraine – official representative of "Wirtgen Group" company (cutters, concrete-laying and asphalt-laying machines, road-rollers) 
  • YULIA, Ukraine – construction-assembly work, projection, waterproofing services. It offers road barrier systems, speed reduction devices, parking blocking devices



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