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Statistics 2009


Total Trade Fair area 4044 sq.m
Exposition area 2820 sq.m
The number of registered visitors who filled in the registration card 
Total number of exhibitors 101 companies
- national exhibitors 83 companies
- foreign exhibitors 19 companies (from United Kingdom, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, USA, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Ukraine)

Position structure of visitors:
Top executives 42,5
Key specialist / engineer 33,5
Average executives 24
Distribution of visitors according to regions:
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 49,6
Eastern Region 12,9
Western Region   10,6
Southern Region 8,4
Central Region   8,3
Northern Region 7,8
Foreign 2,4



  • 3 М Ukraine, Ukraine – selling of reflecting materials, coverings, production of traffic safety signs
  • ACIS-UKRAINE, Ukraine – modern construction and industrial services: filling stations, car and shopping centers, warehouses, cafe and shops
  • AKZO NOBEL, Switzerland – chemical additives and modifier for asphalt concrete
  • ALPI-LVIV, Ukraine -  equipment for repair works; building chemistry; concrete additives
  • ALPO HOLDING, Ukraine – projection, lighting design, installation of lighting systems and electric networks
  • ALT UKRAINE, Ukraine - complete equipping of laboratories with turnkey solutions
  • AMMANN GROUP, Germany - manufacture of ground rollers, tandem rollers, hybrid rollers, rubber-mounted rollers, bidirectional vibroplates, trench vibrorollers, vibrorammers, asphalt-mixing plants
  • AMMANN ASPHALT GmbH, Ukraine – asphalt plants, equipment for road construction from concern AMMANN GROUP (Germany)
  • AQUAIZOL, roofing materials plant, Ukraine – manufacturer of bituminous polymeric materials
  • AVTOCENTR BIZON, Ukraine -  sale of new and used technics, manufactured in Europe
  • ASTRA, Ukraine – official distributor of "Kraton Polymers" Company in Ukraine, supplier of "Kraton D" bitumen modifier for asphalt-concrete producing 
  • BETON&ASPHALT, Ukraine – all-Ukrainian specialized magazine 
  • BIZNES-TEMA, Ukraine – professional analytical business publication on Ukraine construction sector
  • BUDSHLYAHMASH, Ukraine – supply of municipal, building and road machinery, modernization and re-equipment of machinery for performing special production functions.
  • BUDPOSTACH, Ukraine -  leading importer of famous foreign trademarks: road-building equipment,  etc
  • BUILD JOURNAL, Ukraine – analytical and informative monthly about real estate, building and building material market.
  • Carpathians, Ukraine – production assortment: traffic signs, safety signs, complete sets of barriers for places of industrial works, barriers for pedestrians, etc.
  • CFF GMBH & CO. KG, Germany – leading manufacturer of cellulose products used for road construction in asphalt processing
  • CECAARKEMAGROUP, France – manufacturer of wide range of emulsifiers and adhesive additives for road-building
  • CELU PARVALDE, Latvia – offers its services in the field of construction and reconstruction of roads, motorways and squares, production of bituminous concrete, winter road maintenance, equipment for rent, sand and road metal. AMMANN coating plant.
  • CLARIANT CONSULTING AG, Switzerland, Representative office – developing and producing of special chemistry products
  • COLOR S.I.M., Ukraine – road marking; high polish auto enamels; nacreous and metallised auto enamels; two-components acryl auto varnish; construction chemistry for bridge building and renovation
  • CONTROLS S.r.L, Italy – leading manufacturer of test equipment
  • CONVEYER, Ukraine – manufactures of road barrier fences, metalware, lifting machinery. 
  • DNEPRPROM, Ukraine – domestic manufacturer of road traffic safety equipment: road signs, informational boards, speed bumps etc. 
  • DOROZHNAYA OTRASL’ UKRAINY (Roadbuilding branch of Ukraine), Ukraine – magazine for road-building branch workers. Its aim: to inform, acquaint, consult about innovations, development and perspectives in motor road branch 
  • DOROZHNYE ZNAKI, Ukraine – producing of road signs; supplying of various technical means for traffic management
  • EKTA Company, Ukraine -manufactures variety of road information systems for traffic and transport sector: VMS (Variable Message Signs), guideboards and full-color dynamic information displays
  • ELLIS, Ukraine - integration of mobile road-transport laboratories, supply of equipment for building, manufacture and servicing of various models of weigh equipment
  • EUROFORMAT, Ukraine – road equipment manufacturing: road signs, barriers; metalware hot zinc-plating 
  • EUROIZOL GEOSYNTHETICS, Ukraine – "Typar"®, "Kortex"®, "Armatex"®, "Изолит"®, "Enkamat"®, "Enkadraіn"® for transport civil engineering 
  • EXKAVATOR.ru, Russia – industry media project
  • FIRST UKRAINIAN HOT-DEEP GALVANIZING PLANT, Ukraine – metalware hot galvanizing plant
  • GEOSTAR TRADE, Ukraine – exclusive distributor  of measuring equipment for building, manufactured by "Moba" (Germany), "Prolec" (England), "Geo-Fennel" (Germany), "Leica Geosystems" (Switzerland) companies
  • GLOBAL CONSTRUCTION MASHINERY GROUP, Ukraine – sale and technical support of road-building equipment, manufactured in Chinese People's Republic, replacement parts, brokerage services
  • GRUNBERG, Ukraine – specialized technics Scmidt for municipal economy: road repairs, etc
  • HOFMANN GmbH, Germany – leading manufacturer of equipment for road marking 
  • HUESKER SYNTHETIK, Germany – leader in developing and producing of high quality geosynthetic materials, technical textiles
  • IMPIANTI GUTHERM, Italy – equipment for work with petroleum-refining products
  • INFORMATIONAL SYSTEMS, Ukraine – engineering, delivery, turnkey of automated process control systems for road-building branch, machine building and construction industry: control systems for asphalt and concrete plants, modernization of asphalt plants, electronic motor-truck scales 
  • INSTITUTE of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – leading enterprise of the cartographical field of Ukraine 
  • INTERGAZSINTEZ, Ukraine – production of wear-resistant acryl paint of "SINTEGO-D" brand used for the road marking, light-reflecting paint, modern high quality coatings and enamels
  • INTERZNAK, Ukraine - manufacturer of high quality traffic signs and other items of road safety. 
  • INTON, Ukraine – devices and equipment for grounds and rock material characterization, devices for concrete and bituminous concrete quality control
  • ITERCHIMICA UKRAINE, Ukraine – is the official distributor of ITERCHIMICA S.r.l. (Italy) chemicals: adhesive additives, emulsifiers for bitumen emulsions, polymers for asphalt concrete and bitumen modification; of IMPIANTI GUTHERM S.r.l oil-processing equipment: bitumen binder distributors, emulsions, etc.
  • INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL PRODUCTION, LTD, Ukraine - an exclusive supplier of new high-quality chemical production to the Ukrainian market: polymer modifiers, adhesive additives for asphalt concrete manufacture, emulsions and mastics
  • KAPSTROITELSTVO, Ukraine – all-Ukrainian specialized magazine 
  • KIROVOGRADGRANIT, Ukraine –manufacturer and supplier of granite stone and macadam production for concrete products plants, construction and road organizations
  • KIEVSKIY ZAVOD RELE I AVTOMATIKI, Ukraine – manufacturing and engineering of equipment for receiving parking payment - automated parking systems, systems of automatic control, visual information systems in public transport.
  • KOMBINAT STROYINDUSTRII, Ukraine – concrete pipes for collecting systems, reinforced concrete slabs, pavement and tram  plates, walkway slabs,  solvent paints for protection of metal fabrics and concrete products from atmospheric precipitates, etc.
  • KOROSTEN PLANT DORZHELEZOBETON, Ukraine – producing of constructions for roads and bridges
  • KOROSTEN SHLIAKHZALIZOBETON, Ukaine - one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of precast reinforced concrete structures for bridge construction 
  • KREDMASH, Ukraine – projecting and producing of road-building machinery, spare parts 
  • LAKET, Ukraine – materials and equipment for road building and servicing; road marking 
  • LIGO SERVICE, Ukraine – supply of road building machinery and mechanisms of leading manufacturers: asphalt-mixing plants Telmomat (Germany) and ALMIX (USA-Singapur), asphalt paver Barber Grin (England) and others
  • MASHYNOIMPORT, Ukraine – official representative of Hofmann Company (Germany) in Ukraine – leading manufacturer of equipment for road marking
  • МЕТА-GROUP, Ukraine -  professional electric, woodworking and metal-working machinery, building technics, generators, engineering equipment
  • MD ESTATE, Ukraine – producing of safety fences
  • MICROSFERA-UKRAINE, Ukraine - light-reflecting tape of engineering and high-intensity type on self-adhesive basis, intended for road signs and outdoor advertising manufacture , etc.
  • MINI Exkavator.ru, Russia – media project about mini construction equipment
  • NOVA ERA, Ukraine – all types of weighing machines, used on motor roads: elevated kind for transport axial load weighing (in static or dynamic conditions), weighing machines with reinforced concrete platform and others.
  • NTS-SERVICE, Ukraine – supply of spare parts, development and production of carbide-edged snowplow and scarifier blades and tools.
  • PARK NOVYH TEHNOLOGIY, Ukraine – digital model of road traffic
  • PCT, Russia - information technologies in the field of transport, logistics, exhibition activity, noncommercial sector
  • PENETRON-KIEV, LTD, Ukraine- Penetron-Kiev manufactures and supplies Penetron damp proofing systems to Russia, Ukraine and CIS
  • PEREVIZNYK, Ukraine – advertising and informational bulletin.
  • PERSONAL ANALYTICAL UNIT, Ukraine – digest on the market of building materials.
  • PETRONICK, Ukraine – first domestic manufacturer of architectural engineering: power graders, semitrailers, loaders
  • PIAST Sp. z o.o., Poland – distribution of produce for asphalt pavement, bitumen supply.
  • PULSAR & CO, LTD, Ukraine - geotextile linens that are used for: reinforcement of highway asphalt carpets, drainage material covering, protection of dam slopes
  • POLYFARB UKRAINE, Ukraine – producing of paintwork materials, including enamels for horizontal road marking 
  • PRAKTIKA, Ukraine – exclusive distributor of "Huesker Synthetic" (Germany) – developing and manufacturing of geosynthetic materials 
  • PROLOG, Ukraine – distributor of "Akzo Nobel" (Switzerland) products: bitumen emulsifying agents, additions for road bitumen, concentrates and other
  • PROMKOMPLEKT, Ukraine – representative of Asian plant producing of roadreflecting film, studs, road cones, speed bumps etc.
  • ROSTOK-ELEKOM, Ukraine – development and production of complex of hardware and software for traffic control
  • RIN ltd, Ukraine – production of road fences
  • SA-GA, Ukraine – sale of vide range of professional equipment and tools, warranty and post-warranty services
  • SCHIET & MECH, LLC, Ukraine - official distributor of STUCCO & CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS corporation that manufactures hi-tech building materials from environmentally friendly natural components
  • SIAT, Ukraine – construction of motor roads, lighting, automated systems of road traffic management
  • SITOPROM, Ukraine – business concern, part of European companies group, producing industrial sieves and sorting machines: "Vomet", "EuroSitex", "Ludwig Krieger", "Hein, Lehmann", DSP 
  • SPECSERVER.com, Russia – specialized Internet-source 
  • SPETSTECHNIKA (Special Engineering), Ukraine-Belorus-Russia – specialized magazine 
  • SPETSTECHNIKA v SNG (Special Engineering in CIS), Ukraine – catalogue 
  • SPETSTECHNIKA v SNG (Special Engineering in CIS), Ukraine – web portal 
  • SPETSTECHNIKA v UKRAINE (Special Engineering in Ukraine), Ukraine – branch magazine
  • STUCCO & CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, USA – manufacture of advanced technology building materials for motor roads (from environmentally friendly natural components) 
  • SYSTEM+SERVICE, Ukraine – producing of traffic lights, including mobile traffic lights, controllers
  • TELEGRA-EUROPE, Croatia – is the supplier of road traffic complex control systems.
  • TENSARINTERNATIONAL, Russia – the world leader in manufacturing of ground reinforcing and stabilization, wide range of geo-nets and composites for increased durability of road surface 
  • TEXSIKA, Ukraine – selling of geo-synthetical materials (geotextile, geo-nets) manufactured in Russia
  • TRACTOR. RU, Russia – tractor server: everything about tractor, road-building machinery and equipment 
  • TRANSPORT, Ukraine – weekly informational-analytical magazine
  • TRANSPORTNOE STROITELSTVO V UKRAINE, journal, Ukraine – specialized magazine on building of roads and bridges, novelties of technics, automobile industry news 
  • UKRAVTODOR, Украина – the central executive agency of road branch of Ukraine, governing the road economy of Ukraine
  • UKRGEODOR, Ukraine – manufacturing of GEODORF® geonetting, supplying of geotextiles and geonets
  • UNIPROM, Ukraine – official exclusive representative of a number of German companies: chemical additives and manufacturing equipment 
  • URALDORPROJECT, Russia – works in complex projecting of units of transport and civil engineering 
  • UST, Ukraine – producing of road signs, informational shields, road marking, speed bump installation, road fence assembling and other
  • VARIUS, Ukraine – equipment, instruments, spare parts; complete work package in field of technology preparation and supply and service of metal-working equipment 
  • VESOIZMERITELNYE SYSTEMY (Weight Measuring Systems), Ukraine – weight measuring equipment 
  • VIAKON UKRAINE, Ukraine – manufacturing of corrugated steel and plastic pipes, for underpasses, bridges, culverts, tunnels etc. Supplying of pavement materials
  • WIELGUS GmbH, Germany -  road building technics – used and new: Vogele, ABG, Demag, Caterpillar, Wirtgen, ABG, Bitelli, Hamm, Bomag, Dynapac.



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