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Statistics 2010


Total Trade Fair area

4678 sq.m

Exposition area

3154 sq.m

The number of registered visitors who filled in the registration card


Total number of exhibitors

107 companies

- national exhibitors

84 companies

- foreign exhibitors

23 companies (from United Kingdom, Croatia, Germany, Belarus, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Ukraine)


Position structure of visitors:


Top executives


Key specialist / engineer


Average executives




Distribution of visitors according to regions:


Kiev and Kiev Oblast


Eastern Region


Western Region  


Southern Region


Central Region  


Northern Region






  • 3M UKRAINE, LLC, Ukraine - is a generally recognized world leader in the innovations, production and sale of high-quality materials and solutions for traffic safety
  • ADVANCED INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine - Ukraine's leading company in the cartographic industry
  • AISS GROUPE, LTD, Ukraine - modern equipment for road construction: coating plants, concrete-mixing plants, road rollers and asphalt-placing machines, both new and used
  • ALTA, Ukraine - industrial engineering company
  • Ammann Ukraine, LTD, Ukraine -  a producer of asphalt mixing plants
  • ASKEI, LTD/ BASF Construction Chemicals Ltd., Ukraine - highly sophisticated materials for repair and protection of concrete and reinforced-concrete constructions, installing of equipment, roofing materials on the basis of polyurethan
  • ASTRA, MPC, Ukraine - distributor of KRATON Polymers, BWS Technologie, D&H Equipment LTD and EmulBitume in Ukraine
  • ATLAS COPCO UKRAINE, LCC,  Ukraine - one of the world’s most specialized and experienced manufacturers of compaction and paving equipment
  • AUFBAU, LLC, Ukraine - delivery of spare parts for construction, municipal and special equipment
  • AUTOSPEZUA.RU / AUTOSPEZ.COM.UA, Ukraine - Web Portal
  • AVTOSHLYAKHOVYK UKRAYINY, Journal, Ukraine - a professional journal
  • BUDFOND, PE, Ukraine - industrial mountaineering
  • C.R. STAMPI s.r.l., Italy - manufacture of molds and machinery for the production of precast concrete for roads, urban works and building works
  • CLARIANT CONSULTING, Ukraine - Representation - Development and production of specialty chemicals
  • COLOR S.I.M., Ltd, Ukraine - the only company in Ukraine that manufactures a full range of materials for road and airfield marking under "Signakul" brand
  • DNIPROPROM, LTD, Ukraine - road traffic signs, information boards, road cones and lights for them, “lying policemen”, road marking elements, light beacons, light boards, signal belts, road mirrors, water-filled bars, signal loud-speaking devices, megaphones
  • DOROZHNI ZNAKY, LTD, Ukraine -  complex servicing of highways and streets with technical means of traffic control
  • DORSTROYINDUSTRIYA, Belarus - production of asphalt distributors, sand and salt dispensers, bitumen carriers, and other machines for maintenance and repair of roads, metallic barrier fencing and etc.
  • EKTA Company, Ukraine - one of the European market leaders in development and manufacture of large LED displays and LED products for professional markets
  • Euroformat, Factory, Trade House, Ukraine - the producer and supplier of road equipment
  • EUROIZOL GEOSYNTHETICS, LLC, Ukraine - engineering and consulting company involved in scientific research, design and consultancy in the field of geosynthetics
  • EXKAVATOR.RU, Russia - a unique specialized media project devoted to earth-moving and construction machinery market in Russia and CIS
  • EXPOHOLDING, LTD, Russia – information portal
  • FREGAT, Plant, JSC,  Ukraine – manufacture of zinc plated steel structures and road safety systems
  • GLOBE-AUTO, Ukraine - producer of municipal cleaning equipment: all-season large sweepers for municipal, airports, beaches
  • GS PLUS s.r.o., Czech Republic -  manufacturer of vertical traffic signs
  • HOFMANN GmbH, Germany -  leading manufacturer, that has been supplying road-marking technology for more than 50 years
  • INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Scientific-technical centre,  JS, Ukraine - executes the wide spectrum of works for enterprises, which are engaged in the field of asphalt production and road construction
  • INTERGAZSINTEZ, Ukraine - production of wear-resistant acrylic paint for road marking stamps "Sint-D, reflective paint, modern high-quality primers and enamels
  • INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL PRODUCTION, LTD, Ukraine - an exclusive supplier of  new high-quality chemical production to the Ukrainian market (polymeric modifier, adhesive additive for making asphalt concrete, emulsions and mastics)
  • INTON, LTD, Ukraine - supplies labware for road building industry
  • KAPSTROITELSTVO,  MAGAZINE KAPSTROITELSTVO, Group of editions, Ukraine - analytical reviews of equipment and building materials market, articles about state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, comments of experts, companies’ news, and essential information about the development of construction industry in foreign countries and in Ukraine
  • KAPSTROITELSTVO, Group of editions, Ukraine - the first Ukrainian magazine on the most widespread materials and leading technologies in the construction and road industry
  • KARPATY, Ukraine - road signs, safety signs
  • KOMPLEKTAUTODOR, PE,   Ukraine - production of road signs, accident prevention signs, metal constructions (frameworks),  antidazzling screens, ferroconcrete bus stops and other products
  • KREMENCHUG PLANT OF ROAD MACHINES, JSC, Ukraine - development and production of asphalt-mixing plants
  • KYIVPROEKT, Proektne Buro, LLC, Ukraine - planning of roads, road junctions, walkways and bikeways; strengthening of river banks, drainages, drain systems; territory improvement; car parks with a variety of configurations; engineering of networks
  • LAKET, Ukraine - materials and equipment for construction and maintenance of roads
  • LYNX, DE, LLC, Ukraine - production of bitumen-rubber tape for building, repair of a road covering
  • MACHINERY TRADER KIEV, LTD, Ukraine - online source of information about the construction industry news, building technology, construction services, heavy construction and mining equipment
  • MAGEBA, Switzerland - an international provider and manufacturer of bearings for the bridge spans, expansion joints and other specialized products for the construction industry
  • MASCUS, Ukraine - the leading online marketplace for used construction machines and trucks in Ukraine
  • MASSENZA INTERNATIONAL s.r.o., Czech Republic - company, focused on development, production and delivery of modern equipment and technologies for roads’ construction, repair and maintenance
  • MD Estate, LLC, Ukraine - the official representative of Zaporizhstal plant, Ukraine. It manufactures metal road barrier-type fences
  • MINI Exkavator.ru, Russia - a unique industry media project about mini construction equipment
  • NOKIAN SHINA, LLC, Ukraine - a subsidiary of Nokian Tyres PLC (Finland)
  • OBERBETON-UKRAINE, Ukraine – provision of high-quality products, made of precast concrete
  • OKSAMYT DNEPR, Trade House, Ukraine - asphalt emulsifiers, additives for road bitumen, concentrates, etc.
  • OPTIMA ENGINEERING, Ukraine - industrial hoses
  • PMR Ltd. Sp. z o.o., Poland - a British-American company providing market information, advice and services to international businesses interested in Central and Eastern European countries as well as other emerging markets
  • PROLOGUE  TD, LTD, Ukraine - official distributor of AKZO NOBEL (Sweden) road chemicals
  • PROMKOMPLEKT, LTD, Ukraine - travelling technique YTO, tippers HOWO, construction and engineering equipment, tape reflective, columns road, speed humps
  • PROMOBUD, Ukraine - Ukrainian construction portal
  • PULSAR & CO, Company, LTD, Ukraine - developes, manufactures and certifies geotextiles (reinforced, needle-punching and heat-fixed) and geonets
  • RAISE.RU, Russia - machinery portal
  • RIN ltd, llc, Ukraine - produces road fences (one- and two-sided, road and bridge fences) and their component parts
  • ROAD INDUSTRY OF UKRAINE, Ukraine - magazine for employees of the road construction industry
  • SPECIAL EQUIPMENT IN CIV,  Catalogue, Ukraine - the first all-Ukrainian catalog of technology from domestic and international manufacturers
  • SPECIAL EQUIPMENT IN CIV, Internet-portal, Ukraine - first Ukrainian site of domestic and imported construction, road-building and other machinery
  • STIM UKRAINE, PE, Ukraine - production of everything necessary for road-marking
  • ST-PRINT, Publishing House, JSC, Russia - the comprehensive catalog that meets the requirements of an ordinary salesperson as well as professionals of the construction machinery market
  • TEC ENGINEERING, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for laboratory and field quality control of automobile roads and constructions
  • The Russian tractor server, Russia - the oldest Russian resource devoted to special equipment
  • TRANSPORT, Weekly journal, Ukraine - weekly information & analytical journal devoted to transport
  • UKRAVTODOR, Ukraine – State Road Service of Ukraine
  • UKRGEODOR, Ukraine - production of geogrid GEODOR ®, as well as delivery of geotextiles and geogrids
  • UNIPROM, Ukraine - chemical additives, laboratory and manufacturing equipment
  • VALIDUS UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - the exclusive dealer of the world's leading manufacturers of hydraulic equipments
  • VAN BERDE – ZUBIEL, POGODA SP. J., Poland – Polish company manufacturing equipment for road safety industry
  • VECTOR, PE, Ukraine - premier distributor on the territory of Ukraine of Moxa equipment (Taiwan)
  • VIPTEHNIKA, Ukraine - asphalt plants, asphalt pavers
  • WIELGUS, Germany – production of asphalt plants
  • www.TransServer.ru, Russia - directory of sites, factories, offers for sale and purchase of vehicles, spare parts, special equipment, offers concerning transport related services and a lot of other useful information
  • -family? )$ms?4 ?5 n","serif"'>Оксамит днепр, Торговый дом, Украина - битумные эмульгаторы, добавки для дорожных битумов, концентраты и т.д.
  • ОПТИМА ИНЖИНИРИНГ, Украина - рукава промышленные
  • ПРОЛОГ,Торговый дом, ООО, Украина – дистрибьютор продукции "Akzo Nobel" (Швеция): битумные эмульгаторы, добавки для дорожных битумов, концентраты и т.д.
  • ПРОМКОМПЛЕКТ, ООО, Украина – представитель завода Азии по производству дорожно-строительной техники; производство: пленка светоотражающая, дорожные столбики, дорожные конусы, "лежачие полицейские", шарики светоотражающие
  • ПУЛЬСАР И КО, Компания, ООО, Украина – производство геотекстильных полотен для армирования асфальтобетонного покрытия, укрепления грунтов, защиты и изоляции фундаментов  
  • РИН ЛТД, ООО, Украина – завод по производству металлоконструкций и металлоизделий, в т.ч. изготовление барьерных ограждений
  • РЫСЬ, БПП, ООО, Украина -   производство битумно-каучуковой уплотнительной  ленты для строительства и ремонта дорожного покрыт
  • СПЕЦТЕХНИКА В СНГ, Группа издательств, Украина –  каталог
  • СПЕЦТЕХНИКА В СНГ, Интернет-портал,  Украина – Интернет-портал
  • СТИМ УКРАИНА, ЧП, Украина - техника для дорожной разметки, материалы для дорожной разметки
  • СТ-ПРИНТ, Издательский дом, ООО,  Украина - цветной каталог дорожно-строительной, коммунальной и специальной техники.
  • ТЕК ИНЖИНИРИНГ, ООО, Украина - производственное и лабораторное оборудование и инструменты
  • Трактор.ру, Информационный Интернет-ресурс, Россия – тракторный сервер: все о тракторной, дорожно-строительной технике
  • ТРАНСПОРТ, Украина – еженедельный информационно-аналитический журнал
  • ТрансСервер.ру, Россия - Транспортный портал
  • Укравтодор, Украина – государственная служба автомобильных дорог Украины
  • Укргеодор, Украинапроизводство георешетки ГЕОДОР®, а также поставки геотекстиля и геосетки
  • УНИПРОМ, Украина – официальный эксклюзивный ряда немецких компаний: химические добавки, лабораторное и технологическое оборудование
  • ФРЕГАТ, Завод, ООО, Украина - техника для сельского хозяйства, пищевой и перерабатывающей промышленности, изделия судового машиностроения и гидравлики
  • ЭКСКАВАТОР.РУ, Россия – первый экскаваторный Интернет-портал
  • ЭКСПОХОЛДИНГ, ООО, Россия – информационный портал
  • ЭКТА, ООО, Украина – один из лидеров европейского рынка в сфере разработки и производства  светодиодных экранов. В том числе современные системы дорожной информации: светодиодные указатели, информационные табло, светодиодные щиты



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