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Statistics 2011


Total Trade Fair area 4805 sq.m
Exposition area 3320 sq.m
The number of registered visitors who filled in the registration card
Total number of exhibitors 98 companies
- national exhibitors 79 companies
- foreign exhibitors 19 companies (from Belarus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom)


Position structure of visitors:
Top executives 40,2
Key specialist / engineer 28,6
Average executives 28,8
Other 2,4
Distribution of visitors according to regions:
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 43,5
Eastern Region 14,9
Western Region   13,0
Southern Region 8,4
Central Region   9,5
Northern Region 6,2
Foreign 4,5



  • AKZO NOBEL, Sweden - bitumen emulsifiers, road asphalt additives, concentrates, etc.
  • ALARIT-PROM, Ukraine - machinery, equipped with original components and assemblies
  • ALTEKH TM-Service, Ukraine - equipment, spare parts and consumed materials for  building, road-building and special mine's machinery of  import manufacturers
  • AMMANN UKRAINE, Ukraine - asphalt mixing plants
  • ASBUD – UKRAINE, Ukraine - road-building machinery
  • ASKEI, Ukraine - highly sophisticated materials for repair and protection of concrete and reinforced-concrete constructions and materials for strengthening of constructions
  • ASTRA, MPC, Ukraine - distributor of KRATON Polymers, BWS Technologie, D&H Equipment LTD and EmulBitume in Ukraine
  • ATLAS COPCO UKRAINE, Ukraine - compaction and paving equipment
  • AVTOSHLIAKHOVYK, Ukraine - specialized branch publication
  • BARCODE UKRAINE, Ukraine – safety mirrors
  • BASF CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS, Ukraine - leader of the global chemical industry
  • BUDSHLYAKHMASH, Ukraine - production and supply of communal, construction and road machinery and spare parts to it
  • CARPATHIANS, Firm, Ukraine - traffic signs, safety signs, complete sets of barriers for repair works execution places, pedestrian barriers, etc.
  • CENTR KERUVANIA, Ukraine - chemical additives, equipment, asphalt mixing plants
  • CFF GmbH & Co.KG, Germany - we will stabilize your asphalt mixes
  • CLARIANT CONSULTING AG (Switzerland), Representative office in Ukraine, Ukraine - specialty chemicals
  • COLOR S.I.M., Ukraine - full range of materials for road and airfield marking under "Signakul" brand
  • COMAP S.r.l., Italy - industrial plants for bitumen/emulsion heating, storing, spraying, transport and production
  • CONCRETE&ASPHALT, Magazine, Ukraine - magazine on the most widespread materials and leading technologies in the construction and road industry
  • CORINSA S.A., Spain - pneumatic tired rollers
  • DMITROV EXCAVATOR FACTORY, Russia - cherished-building technology and building equipment
  • DNIPROPROM, Ukraine - road traffic signs, information boards, road cones and lights for them, “lying policemen”, road marking elements, light beacons, light boards, signal belts, road mirrors, water-filled bars, signal loud-speaking devices, megaphones
  • DOROZHNI ZNAKY, Ukraine - complex servicing of highways and streets with technical means of traffic control
  • DORTEK, Ukraine - natural asphalt Selenizza SLN 120
  • DYNAPAC  - equipment for road construction
  • ECOROADS, Ukraine – technologies for construction of constant and trail roads
  • EKTA, Ukraine - modern solutions for the transport segment
  • EUROFORMAT, Factory, Ukraine - road equipment
  • EUROIZOL GEOSYNTHETICS,  Ukraine - transportation building, scientific research, design and consultancy in the field of geosynthetics
  • EXKAVATOR.RU, Russia – portal dedicated to sale of used equipment
  • FHL GROUP, Italy - additives for the production of asphalt
  • FREGAT, Plant, Ukraine - zinc plated steel structures and road safety systems manufacturing
  • HOFMANN GmbH, Germany - small, hand-controlled machines and self-propelled, ride-on machines, road-marking trucks of  various sizes up to 29 tonnes total admissible weight, drying and line remover machines, and also melting machinery for thermoplastic materials
  • INFORMSYSTEMS, Scientific-technical center, Ukraine - software and hardware for automated workflow control systems
  • INFRATEST PRUFTECHNIK GMBH, Germany - delivery of machines, devices and accessories for testing and quality assessment of asphalt, bitumen, soil, concrete, cement and associated materials is included in the programme
  • INSTITUTE of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine - cartographical branch
  • INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL PRODUCTION, Ukraine - polymeric modifier, adhesive additive for making asphalt concrete, emulsions and mastics
  • INTON, Ukraine - labware for road building industry
  • IRMASH, TFK, Russia - road-building, earth-moving and specialized machines
  • KAPSTROITELSTVO, Magazine, Ukraine - analytical reviews of equipment and building materials market, articles about state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, comments of experts, companies’ news
  • KOMPLEKTAUTODOR, Ukraine - production of road signs, accident prevention signs, metal constructions (frameworks), antidazzling screens, ferroconcrete bus stops and other products
  • KORRUS-TECH, Russia - supply of imported road-building and construction machinery, spare parts from Italy, Czech Republic, Germany
  • KORRUS-UKRAINE, Ukraine - high-quality branding technical equipment of world manufacturers
  • KREMENCHUG PLANT OF ROAD MACHINES, Ukraine - development and production of asphalt-mixing plants
  • LAKET, Ukraine - materials for building roads, paint and cold plastic for marking roads, machinery for marking roads
  • LIGO SERVICE, Ukraine - road-maintenance, road-construction and municipal machinery & equipment, production of vacuum road sweepers
  • LINE-RED.RU, Russia – magazine for builders
  • MACHINOIMPORT, Ukraine - official representative in Ukraine of HOFMANN company (Germany) - a leading manufacturer of equipment for road marking
  • MAGEBA UKRAINE, Ukraine - leading international developer, producer and supplier of bridge components such as bearings, expansion joints, dampers and monitoring systems, and of related building products
  • MD ESTATE, Ukraine - metal road barrier-type fences 11DO, 11DD, 11MO, 11 MD
  • METSO, Ukraine - solutions for the manufacture of building materials, mining and processing industries
  • MTRADER.EU, Ukraine – source of information about the construction industry
  • NIKEX EXPORTRADE, Italy - trading of new and used road and earth moving machinery and attachments
  • OBERBETON UKRAINE, Ukraine - bridge balks, concrete road fences of parapet types Delta Bloc, drainage and communication trays
  • OKSAMIT DNEPR, ТD, Ukraine - emulsifiers, polymer and adhesive additives
  • PASS+CO BARRIER SYSTEMS GmbH, Germany - vehicle restraint systems
  • PROLOGUE TD, Ukraine - road chemicals
  • PROMKOMPLEKT, Ukraine - travelling technique YTO, tippers HOWO, construction and engineering equipment, reflective tape, road columns, speed humps
  • PULSAR & CO, Company, Ukraine - develops, manufactures and certifies geotextiles (reinforced, needle-punching and heat-fixed) and geonets
  • ROAD INDUSTRY OF UKRAINE, Journal, Ukraine - our mission is to inform, create reviews and consult about innovations, developments and perspectives in the road industry
  • ROSTOK – ELEKOM, Ukraine - hardware and software complexes for traffic control
  • SLAVROS, Russia – production of extruded oriented geogrids, volume geogrids (geocells), geomembranes, and drainage composite materials
  • SPECIAL EQUIPMENT IN CIS, Catalogue, Ukraine - all-Ukrainian catalogue of technology from domestic and international manufacturers
  • SPECIAL EQUIPMENT IN CIS, Internet portal, Ukraine - site about building, road-building and other special machinery, manufactured by domestic and world producers
  • STiM Ukraine, Ukraine - production of all necessary for road-marking
  • ST-PRINT, Publishing House, Russia - comprehensive catalogue that meets the requirements of an ordinary salesperson as well as professionals of the construction machinery market
  • SYSTEM + SERVICE, Ukraine – develops and supplies equipment aimed at traffic management and control automatization
  • TENSAR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED LTD, Great Britain - soil reinforcement and ground stabilization solutions
  • THRACE NONWOVENS & GEOSYNTHETICS S.A., Greece - geosynthetic products used in road, railway and civil construction
  • TRACTOR.RU, Russia - catalogue of tractors and tractor equipment
  • TRANSPORT, Ukraine - weekly research and information journal
  • TRANSSERVER.RU, Russia – branch portal
  • UKRAVTODOR, Ukraine - State Road Service of Ukraine
  • UkrGeoDor, Ukraine - geosynthetic materials
  • UKRPROMBUD, Ukraine - machinery, equipment and materials for construction, renewal and maintenance of asphalt concrete pavements of highways and airports
  • UNIPROM, Ukraine - chemical additives for construction materials manufacture as well as laboratory and processing equipment
  • VIACON UKRAINE, Ukraine - production of corrugated pipes of different diameters, made of steel and plastic, special metal structures used for building various types of transitions, bridges, tunnels, drainage and supply materials for the installation of high-quality road surfaces, civil and environmental construction
  • WIRTGEN UKRAINE, Ukraine - Wirtgen, Vogele, Hamm, Kleemann, Benninghoven, Case, Streumaster, Schafer road and construction equipment
  • WSA Electronic Ukraine, Ukraine - hardware and software complex for vehicle parking cash and cashless payment - parking machines



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