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Thematic sections

Construction, repair and maintenance of roads and bridges

  • road-building complexes, machines and mechanisms
  • crushing and Screening Equipment
  • construction and specialized machinery
  • Excavators, loaders, earthmovers and surface planning machines
  • Lifting equipment, cranes, conveyors
  • hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
  • Auxiliary production: plants, open casts Survey and design of roads
  • Machines for reconditioning and maintenance of roads, municipal vehicles
  • Road marking machinery

Traffic control devices

  • Road signs
  • Road regulatory signs and warning lights
  • traffic lights
  • traffic information and control systems
  • Speed bumps

Accident preventatives

  • road surface condition monitoring facilities
  • Speed limit control and observance systems
  • Barrier systems and fences


  • Fences (barriers)
  • Payment systems
  • Visual observation system

Construction materials and components

  • geosynthetics, geotextiles
  • construction chemicals
  • Road bitumens

Filling stations


Leasing services

Specialized media and web portals