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The State Road Agency of Ukraine

Roads are built - stereotypes are ruined

Ukraine's road industry has been under complete reloading for the second year in a row. It changes people's lives reducing time for transportation to hospitals, restoring intercity bus services in many directions, and making travel around the country fast, safe and comfortable.

In 2020, we set an ambitious goal and restored 4,056 km of state roads and 150 bridges. We are repairing even more this year: 4,500 km of roads and more than 200 artificial constructions.

Thanks to high-quality road management, for the first time in all the years of Independence, we are implementing our plans on time and efficiently. As of November 1, the plan of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the arrangement of the upper layers has been fulfilled by 99%.

Another important step forward is the completion of a number of facilities, the construction or repair of which began many years ago and has not been completed. We are talking about the so-called long-term construction, which, upon completion of the construction of the highway across the Dnieper in the city of Zaporizhya, I hope, will forever become a history.

We protect the repaired roads from overloads by means of weighing-in-motion platforms. There will be 100 of them across the country by the end of 2021.

These are the ways we restore the trust of the citizens of the country and dispel the stereotype of bad roads in Ukraine.

We have new projects ahead, ambitious goals and kilometres of quality pavement. We keep working!


Andriy Ivko
Deputy Head
Of the State Road Agency of Ukraine